Let the Professionals at Eye 2 Eye Contact help you find the perfect set of eye glass frames!  Our state of the art mobile lab can visit you at your home or business, making your life a whole lot easier!

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About Us

Meet the experienced and friendly members who make the Eye 2 Eye Contact team the leading provider of vision care products and services in the LA Basin, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Newport Beach.

Eye 2 Eye Contact is comprised of American Board Certified Opticians, with over 10 years of experience in the Optical field. Having worked in both Optometry and Ophthalmology, our Optician’s understand that sometimes patients have difficulty getting to their appointments, picking up their glasses, or adjusting to specific prescriptions. Therefore, we at Eye2Eye Contact extend mobile optical services to our community, helping our fellow neighbors have the best visual care, even if their circumstances do not allow. We believe that every eye deserves to be healthy and have a clear life.

At Eye 2 Eye Contact we will bring frames to your doorstep! Our state of the art lab Carl Zeiss will process your spectacle lenses, according to your doctor’s prescription and once they are ready an appointment will be scheduled to dispense your glasses! We strive to provide efficient service and quality lenses at an affordable cost.

o    We fill eyeglass prescriptions
o    Offering the best lenses available
o    Carry a wide selection of frames

We specialize in:

o    Single Vision, Bi-Focal, Trifocal and Progressive (no-line bifocals)
o    Ultra-Thin and Lightweight Lenses
o    Difficult Prescriptions (i.e. High Power, Prism etc)
o    Computer Glasses

Your satisfaction is important to us!

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