Let the Professionals at Eye 2 Eye Contact help you find the perfect set of eye glass frames!  Our state of the art mobile lab can visit you at your home or business, making your life a whole lot easier!

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What to expect:


You are now a member of our Optical Family. Once an Eye 2 Eye Contact Optician arrives at your location, we will be ready and willing to discuss your visual needs. Once we have assessed your visual needs, we will ask you to complete a few forms unless they have already do so online. These forms will provide us with your health history and other information, allowing us to maintain the best visual care needed.

Upon each visit our Opticians will be prepared with a selection of eyeglass frames, that you have the option of choosing between. We will then discuss lens materials, lens styles and additional features to enhance your vision. After all the proper measurements have been taken, we will then send your glasses to our lab for processing. Generally the process time for eyeglasses is between 7-10 business days. Once your order arrives from the lab, our office will perform an in house quality control check, ensuring your new eyeglasses meet our standards. Finally we will dispense your glasses to the location that is best suitable for you.

Enjoy your new glasses!


Our Services include:

  • New/Old (Valid) Prescriptions Filled
  • Frames, Lenses and Accessories
  • Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal, Progressive
  • Transitions and Polarized Lenses
  • Frame Adjustments and Repairs


Payment Method:

We accept Cash, Checks, Cashier’s Checks, All major Credit Cards (Amex, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, etc)


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