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How to purchase the best eyeglasses for you?
First you need to find out what face shape you have…
There are 6 common types of shapes your face can have:

1.    Square-face
Those who have a square face will notice that their face has very strong edges and is broad with a wide angular jaw and a straight chin (line like).
Those with square faces are to steer more toward glasses that are wider than their faces, to help give the face a softer more balanced look. Try to avoid glasses that are square or boxy-like (this defeats the purpose of complementing your best features) however look for glasses that are horizontally oval to accentuate you eyes define your character.

2.    Oval-shaped
Those with an oval face are what we consider having “the perfect face” because it is symmetrical. For people with oval shaped faces most frames will complement them well.
Those with oval shaped faces or the “perfect face” can get away with nearly any look. There isn’t really a frame that one with an oval face cannot pull off. However, look for glasses that are square, rectangular or can arch upward like cat-eyes. These looks on the oval face will not only help to balance your face but it will also emphasis your cheekbones and make your jaw line thinner.

3.    Heart-shaped
Those with heart shaped faces tend to have a wider/broader forehead; from the cheekbones/jaw line the face will become narrower and the chin will be pointy like.

Those with heart shaped faces are a bit more interesting when it comes to selecting eyewear because you want to take attention away from the forehead/pointy of the chin and direct all gaze to the eyes and person. Try to look for frames that are slightly rounded but are wider/broader on the bottom preferably plastic frames or frames that are oval to bring balance to your face.

4.    Long-shaped
Those with long faces will notice that everything is vertically stretched and equal length. There will be no horizontal width and the chin will be much defined.
Those with long faces want to direct all attention toward larger frames horizontally to help take away from the length of the face. This will help the glasses overtake the face and give the illusion of smaller facial structure. Direct your viewing toward glasses that are round or square but have more vertical depth than horizontal width.

5.    Triangular-shaped
Those with triangular shaped faces will notice that their jaws are widest on their face whereas the forehead, check and eyes are narrow. Like that of the heart shaped person the chin will appear a bit pointy like.

Those with triangular faces want to look for glasses that are rimless, frameless or light. Try to find frames that are round, square or a combination of both to give more of a natural look and take away from the forehead.


6.    Round-face
Those with round faces will have full cheeks and everything on the face is in more of a circular formation. The width and length of the face are nearly the same.

Those with round faces want to look for glasses that have arches and angles. The reason for this is to condense the roundness of the face (there are no curves or accents) so the glasses with help the face appear more narrow and slimmer. Frames that give your face a bolder look are also beneficial because it draws you viewer to the frames and definition of your face.

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